From my perspective, I think there are two types of people: born entrepreneurs, people who were born with that creating spark seeing innovation opportunities everywhere; and Causal entrepreneurs, people whose life’s circumstances activated to position themselves in that role.

I’m of the second type of people, suddenly i saw myself in a scenario that favored my decision to undertake and go out into the world as a freelancer professional.

Great decision.

In this entrepreneurship path, game rules have changed completely and it forced me to learn new things to be part of the #EnterpreneurCommunity as well as reflecting on basic aspects that have been part of the Growing development!

This is what i can share with you:

1 – Think about: Who am I? Yes, I am serious, this isn’t an existential doubt. If you are going to undertake at some point they will ask you this question, and I hardly recommend that you have a prepared answer. Are you the owner? Partner? Founder? Entrepreneur? Professional? Technical? If you can’t identify yourself… don’t expect others to understand your role using their telepathic skills.

2 – Write about: What do I do? Ok, we already know who you are. Now … What is your service / product? What’s your audience?

3 – Positioning building. Very good, we advance a couple of steps. When I talk about positioning I mean this: How do you go out into the world? Do you have a commercial space? Do you rent a #cowork? Do you participate in a fair? Do you have a web site? Do you manage social networks? And the million dollar question baby: Can you give me a personal card? Yes, those cardboard thin papers with your personal information, which you think useless … well, no, your personal card can make a huge difference, as long as you have it with you!

4 – Define your business strategy. It sounds very amazing, but I’m talking about your planning, organization and sales skills. Ohhhh … “Selling is difficult” and “How difficult to sell to a friend.” Selling yes or selling no? Let’s see, entrepreneurship means starting a lucrative activity, inevitably. But to sell your venture you should have Point 2 defined. When you are clear about what you offer, it will be time to think about the prices of what you do, the costs of your product / service and, above all your value. How much do you charge for your work? Believe me, when you define this aspect, selling will become a simpler task!

5 – Go back to train yourself. At the beginning I told you, undertaking forced me to learn new things to be able to launch this idea. There are public policies and laws aimed at entrepreneurship that improve these new-work-dynamics development, therefore training and updating spaces are everywhere, in both formats: with cost and for free! Find them and take advantage of them.

6 – Show yourself. Yes, I recommend you to take part in all events you can, preferably in events of your field / area / sector. Following Point # 5, today we can join all kinds of events: motivational, inspiring, updating, trends, etc. If you don’t go, you miss it. And if you didn’t go, you’re always on time to sign up for the next one.

7 – Networking … well, at some point you’ll have to “go out in the sun” and show your entrepreneurship to the world; Your family and friends can’t be permanent customers and fans. Remember Point # 3, and always carry your personal cards with you, why? Because networking is an opportunity to interact, to meet people who can guide / advise you with your venture, it is an opportunity to get new clients. Networking is the time to generate your network of contacts and I can assure you that people don’t pinch!

8 – Surround yourself with positive people. I don’t mean people who have a 24/7 smile, no. Entrepreneurship takes you to take charge, to be in charge, to be responsible: you “mark the ceiling”, we’ll meet different types of people. Surround yourself with people who go forward, motivate you, inspire you, build you, surround yourself with people without excuses!

9 – Trust yourself. Ok, I’m not discovering gunpowder, but the lack of confidence in oneself and in what you do is what can stop entrepreneurship. “Ohhh, I don’t know … I don’t dare to do it … I’d rather wait and think it over before leaving.” What else do you need? Nothing, you need to make the leap. Things will go wrong, you’re going to be wrong, you’ll feel demotivated, etc., but there are a lot of things that are going to go well; Remember that failure is allowed. You must believe in entrepreneurship and learn from mistakes!

If you read all of my words, it remains for me to say that you can undertake without dying in the attempt! The “secret is that there is no secret.” Entrepreneurship is within reach of those who appropriate that decision, and make entrepreneurship their day to day!

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