It’s not about fashion. It’s about your image. Yes, there is the professional image during the eight hours!

What happens to our work image, when we get the dream job? When we hear about the personal image in the workplace, we associate it with the face-to-face interview within the framework of a selection process.

Now, what happens when your’re in? And if we work as Freelancers: How do we handle our image? Marketing concepts remind us that: #GrowingTip: You are your own seller. Let’s avoid creating communication barriers through our image, let’s be authentic by selling ourselves, and be authentic with ourselves by holding up that image that we’ve sold to our employers

When we talk about our image, we immediately think of formal dress, but we must also consider the dress code according to our task. Therefore, an invitation made by the effective communication theories in the context of nonverbal communication is: #GrowingTip: Dress according to the context. This doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to go out and buy new clothes and change our entire wardrobe, but to relate our clothing to the work task that will be developed. Let’s achieve “the best version of ourselves” with our own tools, in this case, with the clothes we already have.

How does our professional image impact self-esteem? Knowing the image we show, refers to the self-knowledge and self-criticism we can have about ourselves; with possibilities to enhance self-confidence and security. Knowing ourselves allows us to accept and strengthen our strengths, including the image we show out, so: #GrowingTip: Accept and love your style. The social aspect – how we interact – is one of the ways we perceive the world, and in return, how they perceive us. Let’s show our essence through our style.

Thinking about our professional image beyond the job interview is an everyday challenge. In Growing we enhance your professional profile so you can stand out in the labor market, doing what you love.

Source: https://bit.ly/2ldQFJG

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