Tips, the 10 best phrases, good practices, etc. There are as many ways to write resumes as there are people.

There is fundamental information that should not be missing, regardless resume style (traditional, video, personal website, card): Contact information / Training / Work Experience.

The question I always ask is: What are you looking for with your resume? Why do you want to put that document together?

The resume is then transformed into a privileged instrument to start working in job advising and people development.

The resume revision is framed in Labor Orientation Processes. The word “process” can impress long periods of time revisions, but that process is personal, unique and unrepeatable for each person, therefore, each process will be different.

This orientation, not only focuses on building or reviewing a resume, but also reflecting on the professional profile and the road that has been traveled: this means reviewing together the educational-work trajectory, the current personal-family-economic situation, interests and hobbies, possibilities and expectations, potential and opportunities for improvement.

Writing a resume is much more than suggesting changes like the photo or modifying some sentences. We have all walked different paths, and writing a resume confronts us with the choices we’ve made, the goals that have been achieved, but also confronts us with those ships that didn’t reach port. This is where the magic begins with the resume improvement.

Resume boosting, from my perspective and from where I carry out the Growing project, aims to empower people, optimize profiles to develop and grow the skills they have acquired along the way. This process allows and enables people to draw conclusions, learn, but above all, to face the job search with more security and motivation.


I invite you to participate in the Workshops I will be doing of Resume Construction and Review! Find more information in the News section of the Growing website!

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