By the way… Growing is a #registered trademark ®️⁣

In July 2018 he started this project together with Rodrigo Pagliaro, after having read the book “Innovate or Die” by Andres Oppenheimer.

There it says something like that in Latin America very few people gave importance to this issue, and that was the second time in which I asked myself if Growing was serious or not.⁣

But there is so much investment of time, creativity, work, effort, patience, knowledge, that I really want to protect this brand, differentiate it and give it the commercial value it deserves.⁣

I never thought it would be such a long process. Endless to be honest.

Until one day, Rodrigo sent me the best message of the month of July 2023.⁣

Growing is a #registered brand and I can’t believe it,
Now it’s for real #growing💙

I also want to register my brand!
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