Smart Talent Day is an event organized by Uruguay XXI that brings together people interested in working from Uruguay to the world, service export companies and educational institutions. The event has three interaction spaces: Meeting area, Smart Chat and CV Checking; as well as national and international referents sharing the main challenges of professional development, such as enhancing your talent and the importance of reinventing yourself day by day.

With almost 100 people registered and almost 50 on the waiting list, we carry out the online edition of #CVChecking during the Smart Talent Day!

With a great team of HR professionals, we advise all participants on how to enhance and revamp their resumes; doing this thanks to the great support and technical support of the Smart Talent team who were behind the scenes making sure that everything went perfect.

Thank you very much to all who joined and to the Smart Talent organization for inviting me twice in a row.

Hi, I want to participate in the CV Checking activity
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